Samastha Kerala Sunni Mahallu Federation

Sunni mahal Federation (smf) is one of the most important factions of smastha Kerala jamiyathul ulama. It aims on the unity and security along with the realization of moral, social and cultural growth of the society via mahal system.
Many sufis and pragmatic leaders who thought that Muslims who are backwards in both social and educational fields, can achieve their multi faced development. only if they submit to the idea of mahal system by manifesting varieties of schemes and pulling it into practice with an organizational awareness, laid the foundation stone of the organization in 1976 April 26 in a conference conducted at chemmad, thirurangadi zone smf committee consisting 7 panchayats was the first to come into force. The conference was blessed with the presence of honorable Dr.U Bapputti haji, MM. Basheer Musliyar, CH Hydroos Musliyar and Marhoom Chappanangadi Bappur Musliyar.