Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board or Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidhyabhyasa Board, known as SKIMVB, was Samastha’s first sub-organisation. The run-up to the formation of the board started when Marhoom Sayyed Abdur Rahman Bafaqi Tangal drew the attention of the ulama in 1945, at the 16th conference of Samastha held at Karyavattam, to the urgent need of the organisation to take up a leading and active role in setting up Madrasas across the state. He suggested Samastha leaders to prepare a syllabus for primary religious education to be taught in One to Ten classes of Madrasa along with regular schooling. Later Mushawara meets and Ulama gatherings all seriously discussed Bafaqi Thangal’s suggestion. Finally, the 19th Samastha Conference held in March 1951 at Badagara, passed the historic resolution forming the educational board to meet the urgent need for a centralised Madrasa system. Marhoom Paravanna KPA Muhyiddin Kutty Moulavi was the founding chairman of the board. Six months later on September 17- 1951, at an important meeting at Valakkulam Puthupparamba Juma Masjid in the patronage of Moulana Abul Haqq Abdul Bari Musliyar Al-Baqawi (1981-1965) a 33-member first working committee of the SKIMVB was constituted being Paravanna K.P.A. Muhyuddeen Kutty Musliyar the president and K.P. Usman Sahib the general secretary. In March 1952, the board called for application for Madrasa recognition, and the board working committee held on August 26, 1952 recognised first 10 Madrasas. The number of recognised Madrasas has been on an amazing increase since then. The Executive Council of the board meets second Saturday of every month and reviews the applications of Madrasa for recognition among others. The numbers given below will help understand the progress of the unique Madrasa System set up by Samastha for primary religious education; 1956 (149), 1961 (746), 1966 (1838), 1971 (2694), 1976 (3586), 1986 (5648), 1991 (6440), 1996 (7003), 2001 (7865), 2008 (8713), 2009 (8781), 2011 (9097), 2021 May (10298). All the Madrasas have classes at least until fifth standard. The board has spread the message of its model Madrasas to states and nations like Andaman Nicobar Islands, Tamil Nadu, Pondichery, Karnataka, Lakshadeep, Maharashtra, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. It conducts systematic training classes, Hizb, Lower, Higher and Secondary examinations to make the teachers more capable and well equipped. There are Inspectors named as Mufatish to visit each and every Madrasa, they examine the standard of education check up the physical condition and atmosphere of Madrasa, give necessary recommendations to teachers and Madrasa managing committee and report the functioning of each Madrasa to the board. There are 107 inspectors, seven tutors to train the teachers, and six Qura’n reciters to conduct Hizb classes.

Sl. No Name Palce Desiganation
1 Mosakutty Hazrath Kolappuram President
2 Sayyid Muhammed Jifri Muthu Koya Thangal Thavanoor, Kuzhimanna Vice President
3 Prof. K. Alikutty Musliyar Thirurkkadu Vice President
4 M.T. Abdulla Musliyar Panangagara General Secretary
5 Dr. N.A.M. Abdul Khadar Chelari Joint Secretary
6 P.P. Umer Musliyar Koyyod Joint Secretary
7 Sayyid Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal Panakkad Treasurer
8 V. Moyimon Haji Mukkam Member
9 M.P.M. Hassan Shereef Kurikkal Manjeri Member
10 T.K. Pareekutti Haji Nadakkavu Member
11 M.C. Mayin Haji Nallalam Member
12 Dr. Bahaudheen Muhammed Nadvi Chemmad Member
13 K.M. Abdulla Master Kottappuram Member
14 K.T. Hamza Musliyar Kalikkuni Member
15 O. Abdul Hameed Faizy, Ambalakkadavu Member
16 Abdussamad Pookkottur Member
17 K. Ummer Faizi Mukkam Member
18 E.Moideen Faizi Puthanazhi Member
19 A.V. Abdurahiman Musliyar Nandi Member
20 P. Ismail Kunhu Haji Mannar Member
21 Vakode Moideenkutty Faizy Vakode Member
22 S. Saeed Musliyar Vizhinham Member
23 Abdurahman Musliar M Mailampadam Member
24 P.K.Hamzakutty Baqavi Athrisseri Kuttippala Member
25 Sayyid Muhammed KoyaThangal Jamalullaili Aanangadi Member
26 K. Moyinkutty Master Pannicode General Manager